Steuben Award

Steuben Award

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ABA1155 9 lbs 6"W x 9"H
Want to reward sharpness, swiftness, sleekness, clarity and dedication to beauty? Get something that says all of those things clearly, loudly and proudly with the Steuben Award. The Steuben Award was born to amaze and never fails, bringing an incredible uniformity in an ever-changing world where sameness stands out and stays famous.
The Steuben is not nearly free shape, but rather accents itself with precision geometry that makes you believe in the power of what crystal can do for you and your recipients in one swift go. Impeccable, incredible, and altogether invincible in the mind of those who see it handed to another, the Steuben Award encapsulates success so convincingly it could be given an award of its own.
The bevels of this statue are its flair, but just as important to its character is its base, square yet smooth. No makeup is identical. No statue is the same. And no matter what happens, the Steuben will always stand alone in a sea of potential alternatives.
The Steuben Award is for everyone from the executive enthusiast seeking motivation for his or her staff to the year’s sales champion to the action-oriented organizer deserving of applause and incentives.

Materials: Blue/Amber/Black Crystal

Packaging: Gift Box

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