Corte Bella Award

Corte Bella Award

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Item # 1-5 6-12 13-25 26+
ABA3008 $239.00 $227.05 $222.27 $215.10
ABA3009 $259.00 $246.05 $240.87 $233.10
ABA3010 $279.00 $265.05 $259.47 $251.10
 Item # Weight Dimensions
ABA3008 8 lbs 7"W x 9"H
ABA3009 9 lbs 7"W x 11"H
ABA3010 10 lbs 7"W x 13"H

The Corte Bella Award is an imaginative piece, allowing the recipient to delve into a new world of fantasy and imagination. The Corte Bella Award is a doorway into Alice’s wonderland, inspiring creativity and whimsy in even the most stalwart recipient. With a determined nature, the Corte Bella Award is hypnotizing, using a charm that is a testament to the charismatic aura of the piece. Imagine yourself in a world of exaggerated grandeur, and bring that imaginative spirit to the course with the Corte Bella Award. Enchant your recipient by showcasing the Corte Bella Award at your next golf tournament or awards ceremony.
An unspoiled expanse of clear crystal arches upwards, creating a doorway of flawless perfection. Your customized message can be laser engraved onto the clear crystal, highlighting the achievements of your recipient. The thick bold lines of the clear crystal give the Corte Bella Award a depth that is unparalleled in the industry. A smaller arched cutout is featured on the award, showcasing a golf ball of dazzling crystal, with multiple facets shining when the light touches it. The Corte Bella Award is tied together with a base of obsidian majesty. The beveled edges give the Corte Bella Award a whimsical touch that is the perfect foil to the clarity of the entire piece.

Materials: Clear/Black Crystal

Packaging: Gift Box

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