Aspire Award

Aspire Award

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Item # 1-5 6-12 13-25 26+
ABA1011 $189.00 $179.55 $175.77 $170.10
ABA1012 $229.00 $217.55 $212.97 $206.10
ABA1013 $299.00 $284.05 $278.07 $269.10
 Item # Weight Dimensions
ABA1011 6 lbs 2-1/4"W x 7"H
ABA1012 8 lbs 3"W x 9"H
ABA1013 10 lbs 3-1/4"W x 10"H

 The Aspire Award moves within your awards ceremony or gala with an intensity that is formidable when compared to traditional awards. Like a glacier, the Aspire Award is as cool as ice, with a strength that perfectly captures the spirit of your most hardworking recipient. With a steady nature, the honesty of the Aspire Award makes it a visionary within the awards industry. With a determined and concentrated approach the Aspire Award demands excellence from your recipient. Allow the Aspire Award to illuminate every corner of your office space.

The base of the Aspire Award is a foundation of flawless crystal. The cube base is crafted with thick, bold lines. The impeccable foundation houses a towering triangle of indigo crystal. The beauty of the sapphire crystal breathes new life into the Aspire Award. An attractive piece, the indigo crystal can be customized with etched engravings. Side panels of azure hold the Aspire Award together in a dazzling display of color. The impenetrable construction of the Aspire Award gives it a fierce presence that is ideal for recognizing the achievements of employees that are paramount in the success of your organization.
The Society Award is a contemporary piece of art molded of polished clear and blue crystal. The Society Award is available in three sizes. The result is a corporate award with mass appeal. Create an award so majestic it steals your breath with its futuristic design and premium materials. The curved lines of the Society Award reach upward, creating a bar effect that displays polished indigo levels of success. Personalize the Society Award by engraving on the smooth surface of the clear crystal pieces. The sleek and modern Society Award exudes an inspiring confidence that is rarely seen in the awards industry, breathing new life into a unique and daring architecture and precise construction.

Materials: Clear/Blue Crystal

Packaging: Gift Box

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