Graphic Requirements

To create an outstanding award, it is important that you provide us the best quality graphic files possible. Any logos or images need to be sent in a clean vector format as opposed to a bitmap format.

VECTOR GRAPHICS are defined by mathematical equations as opposed to pixels, allowing for a high resolution appearance every time. They can be scaled (increased or reduced in size) and the lines remain crisp and sharp. Vector images are preferred and most often used for print artwork. Vector File Types: EPS (.eps), Illustrator (.ai), CorelDraw (.cdr)

BITMAP GRAPHICS are composed of small squares called pixels. When these images are enlarged, the software guesses where to put the extra pixels needed to make it the desired size. The image usually becomes fuzzy and difficult to etch. Bitmap graphics are most often used in Web design and screen based artwork. Bitmap File Types: TIFF (.tiff), BMP (.bmp), JPEG (.jpg), and PDF (.pdf)





Any graphics sent in bitmap format will require clean-up to transform into a vector image suitable for production. A $35 charge per graphic will be added to clean up any bitmap format file. Crisp sharp graphics are essential for a great finished product.

Your graphics can be attached with your order or e-mailed to: Be sure to reference your order number or company name.

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