Euro Block

Euro Block

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ABA3503 $289.00 $274.55 $268.77 $260.10
ABA3504 $379.00 $360.05 $268.77 $260.10
 Item # Weight Dimensions
ABA3503 7 lbs   4-5/8"W x 7-3/8"H
ABA3504 12 lbs   5-3/4"W x 9"H

 A modern and exquisite piece, the Euro Block radiates a strength that makes it a formidable presence in the awards industry. A true leader, the Euro Block is a piece that is inspired by the brave knights of the medieval era. Overcoming adversity through sheer strength and power, the Euro Block channels the courage possessed by these knights and radiates an aura of discipline and authority. With a determined nature, the Euro Block is a sensational piece that will give your awards ceremony or gala a serious edge. The intricate detailing on the Euro Block gives it an idealistic feel that soften its bold and ingenious design.

The Euro Block is a rectangular expanse of unblemished crystal with a brilliant shine. The bold lines of the Euro Block effectively reign in the clear stretch of unblemished designer crystal. Customize the Euro Block and immortalize your employee’s achievements precise, laser engraved etchings on the clear crystal. Emerging like whisps of smoke from the corner of the Euro Block, frosted crystal constructed of 24% lead crystal slowly travel along the side and base of the piece. The intricate details housed within the frosted glass contains add to the simplistic beauty of the Euro Block.

Materials: 24% Lead Crystal

Packaging: Premium Gift Box

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