3 Ways to Keep Employees Motivated

We all have needs. Abraham Maslow posited that all people have five levels of needs in his famous “Hierarchy of Needs.” The bottom level represents the basic needs that we all need to survive; food, water, air, sleep. As the needs in each level are met, people begin to look for the needs in the next level for fulfillment. Many of your employees may have the first three levels of needs in their lives, but perhaps they need a bit more confidence, respect. The workplace is particularly suitable to … [Read more...]

Characteristics of Top Performers That Deserve a Custom Crystal Award

Is it easy to spot top performers from the start? Are there certain traits that all top performers uniformly exhibit? At Awards by Allstar, we offer a category of customizable corporate awards that the qualities that make these employees most important to your company’s success. Here’s a rundown of the attributes deserving of a fabulous crystal award.     Dedication Does this individual eat, sleep, and breathe the work at hand? One who is willing to fully immerse themselves in … [Read more...]

Popular Award Categories that HR Professionals Use for Employee Recognition

Many people ask: What are the most popular award categories? Here at Awards by Allstar, we make it easy for you to find just what you are looking for with the perfect award for any special occasion. Among our categories, these are the most requested: Teamwork - Instead of just recognizing the exceptional work of one individual or field, teamwork awards are granted to entire teams to show the effort that everyone put in while achieving their goals. Years of Service - A years of service award is … [Read more...]

Rose Bowl 2014: Michigan State Earns their Champion Trophy

On Jan 1st 2014, Michigan State kicked off the New Year with a bang. The Spartan took home the win over Stanford Cardinal in the 100th Edition of the Rose Bowl that occurred in Pasadena, California. They were awarded the Rose Bowl Leishman Trophy. Created by Tiffany and Co., the Leishman Trophy is designed with 24-karat gold vermeil accents along a base that supports a sterling silver football; a Superb Award! Along with that, Michigan State’s Quarterback, Connor Cook (#18) and Linebacker Kyler … [Read more...]

Why Years of Service Awards Are Important

These days, life is filled with constant reminders that the world is changing fast, with a new generation taking the reins from the previous one. These are the future workers of America, the employees who will drive your company forward through the 21st century. You’ll need to adapt in order to attract top talent. A crystal award or custom award can go a long way towards hanging onto it.   One distinguishing feature of these “millenials” is their job mobility. Fading quickly are the days … [Read more...]

Awards by Allstar Produces the finest Custom Crystal Football Awards

Celebrating Special Accomplishments with Custom Football Crystal Awards For football players and their coaches, celebrating important events and game victories is one of the best ways to keep up motivation and team morale all season long. Besides victories on the field, there are plenty of other events to celebrate in football. From service appreciation for retiring team members to most valuable player recognition, football awards can be used for acknowledging a variety of impressive … [Read more...]

Rule Your Fantasy football League with Impressive Custom Crystal Award

For many owners of Fantasy Football League teams, winning the championship simply means the ability to brag until the next season unfolds. Although there are leagues where participants must pay to join and then have the option of winning prize money through championship games, most Fantasy Football players join simply because they love the game. However, for the League Commissioner who wants to stand out among those bragging rights leagues, consider fantasy football custom crystal … [Read more...]

Custom Crystal Awards You Will Be Proud to Give Away

Awards by Allstar is a custom crystal awards producer and manufacturer located out of Houston.  Having been in business since 1991, Awards by Allstar has cultivated an specialized and elite clientele that have grown to depend and rest upon Awards by Allstar’s amazing quality and service.  The in-house production of custom crystal awards grants Awards by Allstar the ability to completely and thorough control all aspects of the production and manufacturing process.  This control enables Awards by … [Read more...]

Unique Award Ideas in Houston

Awards by Allstar provide unique award ideas in Houston for any occasion, especially crystal recognition awards.  However, Awards by Allstar produces more than crystal awards, plaque, and statues.  Another entire area of specialty is our vases, cups, and bowls line of unique crystal awards.  Vases, cups, and bowls are a favorite of many companies.  Offering unique designs, Awards by Allstar vases, cups, and bowls are attractive crystal awards that are sure to be the highlight of any event, … [Read more...]

Crystal OSHA Awards For Your Workplace Safety Program

It might seem strange to award a working facility for following and abiding by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration laws and regulations; however, at Awards by Allstar Houston, we understand that they are important for the well-being and continued successes of many working facilities.  The benefits of recognizing working facilities with crystal OSHA awards include creating a sense of pride and teamwork that will filter down and help continue to promote safe working conditions, … [Read more...]

Recognition Event Award Ideas in Houston Texas

Awards by Allstar is a custom crystal awards producer and manufacturer located out of Houston.  Having been in business since 1991, Awards by Allstar has cultivated an specialized and elite clientele that have grown to depend and rest upon Awards by Allstar’s amazing quality and service.  The in-house production of custom crystal awards grants Awards by Allstar the ability to completely and thorough control all aspects of the production and manufacturing process.  This control enables Awards by … [Read more...]

Recognition Awards in Houston Texas

There are lots of reasons to purchase a customized award: golf tournament, retirement, employee of the month, civil recognition for service, etc, and Awards by Allstar is the premier manufacturer and retailer of recognition event awards Houston has to offer. Awards by Allstar specializes in manufacturing custom designed awards.  Easily able to produce plaques and awards to commemorate and celebrate the significant conquests and successes of any occasion.  Popular reasons to order an award … [Read more...]

Retirement Awards in Houston Texas

Everyone looks forward to that time in their life when they are able to leave work for the last time, not because they have found another job, and not because of some unforeseen even such as being laid off or let go, but the actual  last day of work before retirement.  It is the time in your life when finally you can do what you want to do and you have the time and money to be able to do it.  Because it is such a great and momentous event it is not unusual for friends, family and coworkers to … [Read more...]

Custom Golf Awards in Houston TX

Custom Golf Awards Houston area company, Awards by Allstar is pleased to be the premier manufacturer and retailer of trophies, awards, and other recognition awards.  While this may seem like a pretty niche segment of an overarching business, it is actually one of the most important segments of our company. Golf tournaments are frequent throughout the world.  Whether the tournament is an intramural tournament held by a city, a private tournament held by a club, or even a scholastic event hosted … [Read more...]

Custom Awards in Houston Texas

Crystal awards in Houston have long been a preferred means for recognizing employee achievement. Houston, Texas is home to many of the world’s largest oil and gas companies. These companies recognize accomplishments such as mergers and acquisitions, years of service, top performers, teamwork, retirement and sponsors. Often times these crystal awards clients choose to have custom awards produced instead of using crystal awards from our stock selection. When you select Awards by Allstar to … [Read more...]

Custom Awards vs Stock Awards

Awards by Allstar offers our clients much more than premium crystal awards. Our custom awards department is second to none. Over the years we have earned a reputation for providing exemplary custom awards to clients across the globe. Currently, we are the recognition source for companies who desire to stand apart from the rest. To initiate your custom awards project, simply go online and answer a few questions that will create a defined scope necessary to deliver exactly what you desire. Many … [Read more...]