4 Ideas for an Engaging Awards Ceremony


Think back to the last awards ceremony you attended. Chances are you don’t remember much. You remember it was formal, boring, and too long. You were probably glancing at your watch after the first hour wondering when you could go home. This is a common scenario. Awards ceremonies are not known to be engaging. The key to a memorable ceremony that will keep people talking long after the last award has been passed out is an experience. You have to create an experience for your attendees. You must f … [Read more...]

Take Home the Trophy: 3 Aspects to Your Golf Game


ABA has provided awards for many prestigious golf events. But what does it take to snag one of these trophies? It’s a given that it takes time and consistency, but you’ll do better if you know what other areas to focus on. Here are three aspects of the game that'll give you the edge: 1. Battle of the Mind If the pros spend big money on sports psychologists, then you can bet the mental aspect of the game is king. You have to be able to clear your mind of everything but the shot. Your focus sho … [Read more...]